Two Things You Should Never Pray For

Most Christians have a long list of things that they take to God as if He is Santa Claus. Many spend hours crying or begging God only to have ‘nothing’ as a result of their toiling. God is not moved by your tears. God is not moved by your situation no matter how bad it might be. The only thing that moves God is the Word of God.  By spending time in the Word of God you will avoid these 2 situations below and begin to live in victory. Its as if most Christians are lying prostrate on their face for hours trying to get God on the telephone when he has already sent them a personal letter.

1. Praying for Something He has already given you

Most of the things believers are trying to access has already been given to them. The issue is not that they don’t have it, the issue is that they do not know how to access it. Healing has already been given to you. It was purchased by the blood of Jesus on Calvary. This is why in 1 Peter 2:24, Peter says by his stripes you were healed, in the past tense. It has already been paid for.

This is just one example, but I could list all the promises that you were given when you became a Son of God and joint-heir with Christ. It is your job as a born again believer to find out what has been given to you. Open your Bible and read the personal letter that God wrote you.  God already did all these things for us, but he WON’T grab your hands and make you open up your Bible and read it.  These promises include family restoration, financial wellbeing, health, mental stability, security, freedom from depression, freedom from debt, just to name a few. By faith we access these promises.

Another example is his presence. ‘Oh God, I need more of you’. That sounds really spiritual, but its not biblical. ‘Jesus, I need you to be with me now. I pray you do not pass me by’. The bottom line is that not only did Jesus personally say that He would never leave you nor forsake you, but He has literally given the Holy Spirit in its fullness to you. According to Colossions, 2:10, the fullness of the Godhead resides in you, and you are complete in Him. There is no more of His presence or Spirit that he could give you even if He wanted to. Everything that Jesus was equipped with when He walked the earth you have as well. The issue here is to be more conscious of the divine nature of our being, becoming ‘God inside’ minded.

2. Praying About Something He Told You to Do

Again it sounds very spiritual to pray that God would heal your Aunt Betty. The bottom line here is that He gave you the keys. Go to wherever Aunt Betty is, lay hands on her, and command her to be well in the name of Jesus. The only time in scripture that you see Jesus getting upset with his disciples in when they would not use their faith.   Do you want to please God? According to Hebrews 11:6, the only way to please God is to use your faith. The Word instructs us in 5 different places that the just shall live by faith. This must become your lifestyle.  Nowhere in scripture will you find God telling us to pray  and have Him deal with a situation concerning the devil. You have been given all authority under heaven to carry out heaven’s agenda to the fullest extent of the law (the Word).

Anywhere that you see a violation, you have been given authority to correct it. For example, a police officer, has the full power to arrest someone breaking the law in his district, and is actually expected to do so. If he spots someone robbing an old lady in front of him, and instead of rescuing the lady from the thief, he decides to get on the phone and call the station for the police chief to come there and handle the situation.  Sounds crazy right? Well that’s how it looks to heaven when, when there is a thief in front of you, robbing people of their health, their finances, marriages, and peace, and you are on the phone trying to dial in to heaven to speak to the boss. Go do something about it.


One Response to “Two Things You Should Never Pray For”

  1. ben afroilan Says:

    You are making the Father’ Word very simple and easy to intake and ingest a THE Truth, Troy. Do you have a team to contact in my state of Maryland? I am now in my second year as a ROGIC (Righteousness Of God In Christ – 2Cor5:21). At my age of 60, I have but one dream: to watch and see that Matt6:33 is the highest form of lifestyle and reality. Thanks!

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