Do You Know Who You Are (Part 2)

It is vitally important that you know who you are. Do you know why the enemy satan hates you so much? It is because you were created to be what he attempted to be. Lets explore this.

Long before man was created, satan was the archangel Lucifer. He was a beautiful creature, in fact in Ezekiel 28 says he was created perfect, with every precious stone (diamond, onyx, jasper, sapphire, etc) being his covering and his sockets and engravings were gold. He was the anointed cherub who literally walked up and down the stones of fire (in the presence of God). It says he was blameless in all his ways from the day he was created, until iniquity was found in him. It sounds like Lucifer had a nice gig in heaven, so I really wanted to know how everything went so sour. What really happened?

Isaiah 14 sheds more light on what went wrong. We found out in Ezekiel 28 that he was created ‘literally’ perfect and that his job was to bring forth the praise to the Almighty God. But that wasn’t enough for him; he really wanted to be like God. According to Isaiah 14:12-15,  Lucifer says in his heart, ‘I will exalt my throne above the stars of God, I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High.’ And the rest of the story we know, he was kicked out of heaven and became the one we know today as satan, the wicked and corrupt one, the father of lies.

So lets analyze this, because it will shed light on who we are, and why he hates us so much. He was created to bring forth the praise. Inside of him was the most amazing sounds ever created for the sole purpose of glorifying God. That was his heavenly job description, yet he wanted more…he wanted to literally be like God, his creator. So what he did exactly was to go against what he was created to do, in order to please himself. He introduced selfishness into the universe. As he kept saying, ‘I will do this…and I will do this…and I will do this…’ it was all about selfishness. Selfishness is the single root to all sin, and the opposite of Gods nature, which is love.

This is important to know, because if you understand that he fell because of selfishness, you understand that’s his motivation and how he still gets people to fall to this day. What he does is try to get people to neglect what they were created to do, and get them to focus on themselves. It worked with 1/3 of the heavenly angels, and it has worked with hundreds of millions people. A person is either motivated by love or selfishness. Which one are you driven by?

Ok, so now we know how he fell, and how gets others to fall, but why does he hate us so much? In Genesis, God creates the heavens and the earth, the plants, the animals, and everything else. All of these creations came forth out of God, as He spoke them into existence. Yet on the sixth day with man, it is much different. With man he literally forms him out of himself, out of his own image and likeness.

Many of us have read the Genesis verse thousands of times, so it doesn’t mean much when we hear ‘image and likeness’. Yet if you break that down, image has to do with visual attributes and likeness has to do with the way of being or acting. I used to think that if I saw God, he would be like 300 feet tall and have legs like skyscrapers and hands like mountains. But according to this scripture, and John 14:9-10, God actually looks like you look. In fact, you were created not only to look like him, but to act like him as well. This might offend people who grew up thinking you could never be like God, but that was exactly his intention.

So why does satan hate you so much? It is because he lost everything trying to be what you were created to be. You were created to be in the presence of God, created to be like Him and, have fellowship with Him. Lucifer had just one thought (he couldn’t even get it out of his mouth), of trying to be like God, and it was over for him, he was kicked out for all eternity. Wow…talk about a bad case of jealousy. He is a hater, plain and simple, and nobody likes a hater.

As I began to study the believer’s authority and our complete authority over sickness, disease, poverty and lack, a tremendous backlash came from all angles. Where did this originate? It is more and more evident that any teaching, or thoughts that are against this originate from the original hater, the devil. We were in fact created to be just like our Father God, and through Jesus we have complete authority over the devil and everything related to him. The first commandment given to man was, ‘Be fruitful, and multiply…’

We went through a period of time after Adam sinned when we lost our authority, and became subject to all these horrendous things, such as sickness, poverty, lack, death, etc. Mankind was totally lost. The Bible is the story of God’s redemptive love in getting us back to our rightful position. And now through Jesus, we have the keys to victory, and now have complete authority over the devil and all his devices.

Once you know who you are and the power that has been vested in you, it is all over for the devil.

Troy Anthony Smith is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Demonstrate It, an organization that believes in healings, signs, and wonders. Mr. Smith currently resides in Hollywood,CA, where he can be found at the grocery stores, malls, and street corners, laying hands on the sick, casting out demons, and declaring the good news of the kingdom of God.

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3 Responses to “Do You Know Who You Are (Part 2)”

  1. ben afroilan Says:

    A spiritual leader from India once said that if Christians could only demonstrate – and not just preach – their believer’s authority the way our Lord Jesus did, more and more people would become Christians as a matter of course. As for me – and now into my fourth year with Romans 10:9 – I have barely scratched the surface. Worse, I am not seeing many Christian preachers doing the demonstration. Or probably, I need not expect to see them demonstrate the power. Jesus loves you!

  2. Wow. You need to write a book. Keep this coming.

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