Prosperity Gone Wrong

I literally cringe everytime I hear someone twist up the Gospel. The core message is simple and direct, even though it is not being preached in 98% of churches across the country. When the foundation is off, everything else will be off as well.

I recently heard someone say to me, “God does everything I ask Him to do” and “Everything I do is a success”. Now these may seem trivial and harmless on the surface, but if we examine a little deeper we expose the root of this way of thinking. Is there really a problem with making our own plans and agendas and getting God to bless it? The million dollar question is this: Whose vision are you really following?

Lets take a step back. If we examine Christian history over the past 100 years or so, we can see how God has moved and where He is moving today.  During this time, many things were revealed to the body of Christ including the baptism of the Holy Spirit (tongues), the healing gifts, miracles, and activation of the prophetic gifts just to name a few. During the last 30 years or so, a revelation of the seed was introduced, and how God will prosper you financially. The Holy Spirit has revealed this to the body of Christ, and I’m not here to debate whether or not God wants you healed, or whether or not he wants you doing well financially.  The core issue at hand is what is your motive? What is your intention? Over the past few years many have perverted the message of financially prosperity, and I cringe whenever I perceive it.

Yes, God will bless you financially. Yes, He promised in His Word that you would be whole, but many miss out what it is all based on.  Jesus must be Lord of your life. When you come to the Lord, you forsake all and follow Him. You were bought with a price (the blood), so your life no longer exists, you live the life of Jesus from now on. So many people get hurt in churches that teach about financially prosperity because they neglect this truth. In fact, Jesus is not Lord over their life, they are masquerading as Christians when in fact they have their own agenda and use the name of Jesus for their own selfish gain. Jesus said, ‘My sheep hear MY VOICE’. He also said, “Why call me Lord Lord and do not the things I say’.

Kobe Bryant gets his salary from the Lakers, by playing for the Lakers. Bill Gates gets his income from Microsoft, by doing the work he does for Microsoft. But why do we have Christians, who do no work for the kingdom of God, and expect God to bless them? We have many call themselves Christians,  but how many are actually disciples of Jesus? How many actually have Him as their Lord?

I’m not against anyone having material things like nice cars or houses,  but according to Matthew 6, the blueprint for receiving those things in the kingdom of God is to seek Him first, and they will be added to you. Because most Christians operate in the world system through debt, instead of them having nice things, those nice things have them. In fact they are enslaved to them.

The raw truth of the matter is that the concept of ‘me first’ and ‘I’ll make my plans and get God to bless them’ is not Biblically based at all. It is a perversion of Christianity that is actually secular humanism. In secular humanism, the center of everything is you. Your happiness and well being is above everything else. God exists to please me and meet my every demand. Its not about what heaven wants to do, its about what you want to do.  This is totally against everything that Jesus taught. Verbally, secular humanists will confess to love God and be Christians, but everything in their lives lines up with the world system instead of the Word of God.

The message that is not being preached is that when you come to Christ, you surrender all and He becomes your Lord. You are dead, and your new life is hid in Christ. Stop trying resurrect that dead person. Jesus is now your source and responsible for you, but only if you let him. I ask you a question today, is he your source? When you have a financial hardship, is He your source? or is the bank your source, begging them for a loan. When sickness comes, do you go to the Word, and seek Him as the source for your healing? Or do you run straight to the doctors and prescription pills.

In God’s system, we go to him first to see what His plans are.  Then we must line up with the visions and promptings of the Holy Spirit to accomplish these plans.  A vision, according to Proverbs 29:18 AMP, is a redemptive revelation of God. So any plan, business, or motive, that is not a redemptive revelation of God, would not qualify as a vision.  Lastly, make this vision the most important thing in your life, it is why you were created. In Rick Warren’s the Purpose Driven life, the first line of the book states, it’s not about you. I agree 100%. This is not a selfish thing, the vision is all about other people.  In return, God blesses you as you are a blessing to others.

God’s way is better in every way. His system will keep you healthier over your lifetime, and will provide financial stability for you regardless of the economy. Leave the collapsing world system and follow God’s system wholeheartedly. Stop trying to have one foot in both worlds, it does not work that way, a man cannot serve two masters. Its like Kobe Bryant having a multimillion dollar contract with the Lakers, but deciding instead to make his living playing pickup basketball on the streets for money.

Choose you this day who you will serve.

Troy Anthony Smith is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Demonstrate It, an organization that believes in healings, signs, and wonders. Mr. Smith currently resides in Hollywood,CA, where he can be found at the grocery stores, malls, and street corners, laying hands on the sick, casting out demons, and declaring the good news of the kingdom of God.


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  1. God is not a slot machine:)

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