The Prophetic vs The Psychic

Yes,  God still speaks. And He has some pretty good things to say to you, you should really spend some time with Him.


I was recently entertaining some friends over at my place when suddenly I felt impressed to give a prophetic word to one of them. She received the word, as it brought her to  tears; however she made references later about it being some sort of psychic experience. I realized then and there that so many people do not understand the clear differences between the psychic and the prophetic realm. And there are clear differences.


There are 3 main differences between the psychic realm and the prophetic realm. Knowing these can save you from being exposed to unclean spirits and certain bondages that can cling to you if you allow them.  Let’s explore these differences based on what the Bible has to say.


The first and most important difference is the source.  A psychic, medium, tarot card reader, spirit guide, soothsayer, or sorcerer is relying on a source for its information. They are pulling information from the spirit realm from such entities as demonic spirits or familiar spirits. These familiar spirits have been around for thousands of years and probably have even been around your family for many years, so they know intimate things about you.  Hence the name, ‘familiar’ spirit. An example of this is when someone claims to be speaking to the dead, they are actually speaking to that familiar spirit that knew the deceased individual and the family.

The source for the prophetic realm is solely the Holy Spirit and the heavenly realm.


Ok, that all makes sense, but what if you cannot discern the source? Well here is the second difference which should clearly identify the source. Direction. Which direction is it leading you? A psychic is going to lead you inward, where a prophet is going to point you to the cross. A true prophetic word will give you the sense that you are sitting right in the throne room talking directly to Jesus. You will be overflowing with the love of God, and it will be hard to contain yourself. After you receive a true prophetic word, you will want to run to Jesus and follow Him even the more. However a message from a psychic will be focused on you and only you. If it doesn’t make you feel like running to Jesus, but is only about you, chances are it did not come from heaven.


The third major distinction is motive. Did you have to pay to receive a word? Did you call a 900 number or respond to an advertisement and pay an upfront fee?  This is a major red flag, as Jesus commanded us to freely give, as we have freely received. To be clear, many have started out pure and holy but have been seduced by the dark side and now no longer represent God.  An example of this is the prophet Balaam in the book of Numbers. He was a former prophet who was seduced (by money) by  Balak to say a negative word and curse the children of Israel.  Motive is always a clear way to find out if someone is operating in line with heaven.  The motive for a genuine prophetic word is simply to move a person to be closer to Christ and His will for their life.  Avoid those who have a compromised motive.


Accuracy, it should be noted, is not a deciding factor in determining the source of a message. A psychic or medium can be extremely accurate, and lead you right into destruction. In Acts 16, a medium cried out many days after Paul and his men, ‘These men are servants of the Most High God, to show us the way of salvation.’  Was she accurate? Yes, she was very accurate, yet she was still operating from a source other than the Holy Spirit, and Paul discerned it and cast that divination spirit out of her.


The Bible clearly forbids us from consulting with psychics, mediums, and soothsayers.  Yet many Christians go see them on a regular basis. Why does God forbid this? Isn’t it harmless to just call up the psychic hotline? When you consult a psychic, you open yourself up to the spirit that is behind that psychic. If a lust spirit or depression spirit is behind that tarot card reader, you are directly connecting with that spirit. In fact, the very act of consulting with it, gives it legal permission to enter into your life. Many find themselves in bondage to lust, addiction, gluttony and cannot seem to figure out why. This is why in Exodus 22 and Leviticus 20, God commands those that dabble in this type of witchcraft and sorcery to be put to death.  Still seem harmless?


God does still speak today, and hearing from Him is still as amazing as it was in the Bible days. In fact every human being is born with a desire to hear what He has to say. Yet many churches today teach that He no longer speaks to us. So where do they go to satisfy this innate desire? That’s right, they settle and go visit a psychic.

Don’t settle for the counterfeit. God wants to speak to you directly. Will you let Him?


To receive a free prophetic word, visit today


Troy Anthony Smith is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Demonstrate It, an organization that believes in healings, signs, and wonders. Mr. Smith currently resides in Hollywood,CA, where he can be found at the grocery stores, malls, and street corners, laying hands on the sick, casting out demons, and declaring the good news of the kingdom of God.


13 Responses to “The Prophetic vs The Psychic”

  1. Reblogged this on Anthony's Blog.

  2. Trisha Sullivan Says:

    I have randomly come upon your site, I was searching google for references to the new batman movie and a few words I heard in the movie that the holy spirit really moved my spirit over.. And I found your site. I would love if you would say a prayer for me and my family and see if you get any words from the holy spirit for me. Please and God Bless you

  3. Gloria LUNDVALL Says:

    I went to the link to confirm I wanted a prophetic word.It didn’t say it was confirmed.

  4. Zandile Says:

    This is the absolute truth!! prophet please pray with me and my family, we are devasted by HIV and we want god to heal us and also to maintain healing for my four year old son.

  5. Wow your words are so true, never read anyone explain it like this using God’s word to validate it. A lot of people walking in this anointing demand money and tell you what you need to sow to them in order to receive a word… I’m blessed that I stumbled upon this blog… Thank u Man of God- May God bless you abundantly, may He pour out a blessing too big for you to handle, I’m decreeing overflowing financially. May the Lord enlarge your territory and may people all over the world sow faithfully into your ministry as you doing this out of your love of God… In Jesus Name I called it done!

  6. Katrina Hamilton Says:

    Your words are soooooooooo accurate. True prophet Of God. Was skeptical at first bit your proved me wrong. God was all in that word. Amen

    • Remember what he said though, even mediums can be accurate and even prophets of God can be wrong. Think of all the young Christians who are growing in the gift of prophecy, they don’t always get it correct. That is why we need to test each word against the Word of God and pray about it to know if the word spoken is from God, the prophet’s imagination or the devil/demons.

      Not calling you a fraud demonstrate It, just pointing out what some people need to understand that not even we get it right all the time or to believe someone is a prophet of god because they’re words are so accurate.

  7. Amen!

  8. Godfrey Sididzha Says:

    Your prophetic words are accurate

    waiting to hear more from you

    God bless you

  9. God bless you and help me to come out from the hands of the devil

  10. I have confident that God has been there for me and he will be there especially this time when the devil is trying to destroy i have faith that he fight for me and i will succeed

  11. Alexander Amoah Says:

    Thanks for the insight and the enlightenment. Please i kindly need prophetic word of God.

  12. i need to hear from GOD

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