How to Prosper Financially in God’s System (part 2)

In our last teaching we discussed the earth curse and how Jesus came to set us free. Yet we still see Christian people struggling financially. What is going on?

The answer to this is the same reason there are still sick people on the planet, even though ‘His stripes’ paid for all healing.

It’s all about grace. By grace you were saved. By grace you were healed, and given the Holy Spirit. When we talk about grace, we are not talking about a license to sin. Nor am I talking about the 8 second prayer before you eat your dinner.

Some have defined grace as goodness that we did not deserve. This is not incorrect, but it is so much more than that. Grace is the impartation of every divine right, promise and blessing that the blood purchased and given to every believer in Jesus Christ; making them Sons and Daughters of the Most High God. Grace is what allows heaven’s stuff to get in you and on you. Every believer has the unlimited measure of grace.

So even though you have an unlimited measure of grace, that does not mean you will access any of it. Even today, there are Christians with the exact measure that Christ himself had, and will not access one drop of what Jesus himself paid for. You access the grace by faith. For example, even though Christ paid the price for your healing, without releasing your faith, you can still die sick.

Here is an illustration. Let’s say I deposit 1 million dollars in my friend Tom’ s bank account. Tom is so excited that he misplaces the debit card with the pin code and the account information.  Now Tom is struggling financially and needs $1200 to pay his rent for the month. Even though he has a million in his account, without the debit card and account info he has no access to any of those funds. He decides to go to the bank directly and ask for $1500 at the counter. He just realizes he left his driver’s license at home also.  He goes to the bank anyway and screams and yells that he has a million in his account and demands that they release $1500 to him.  Without verifying his identity or the bank account info, there is no way the bank is going to release those funds to him, even though they are in his account.

In the same way, without knowledge of who you are (a son of God) or specifically what you have been given (promises in the Word), no amount of kicking and screaming (prayer) is going to release heaven’s resources to you.

Faith is what releases heaven’s resources to you. Faith is a corresponding action to the word of God. It is all about expectation. When you release your faith, what do you expect to happen? That is the key.

Faith for finances begins with the tithe. The tithe is the first 10% of your income. No more, no less. By giving the first 10% of your income, the other 90% is blessed.  Anything in excess of 10% is considered an offering to God.  A struggling businessman by the name of R.G. Latourneau decided to make God an actual partner in his business. He began by giving 10%, and then he witnessed his earnings grow tremendously. Then he raised his giving to 20% and they grew exponentially. Eventually he raised his offering to 90% and lived off the 10% and still had several millions to give away.

Many other businessmen have discovered God’s system of finances and have been extraordinarily blessed  such as Sam Walton (Walmart), James C. Penny (JC Penneys) and S. Truett Kathy (Chick-Fil-A) and John D. Rockefeller just to name a few.  Now someone might argue that this would only work in the United States, in other parts of the world, where there is extreme poverty it would never work. That’s not true at all. Nigerian Pastor David Oyedepo started a ministry in the middle of the African bush and applied these principles to prosper over $200 million (without the assistance of any American money, debt, or banks) just using the Word. The members of his church fully understand and have witnessed financial miracles that would put Americans to shame. It simply does not matter where you are from, all you need is faith.

Giving is the only area in the Bible where God says to ‘prove him’ and see if He will not open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it. Sounds like an amazing promise. But the key is to give with expectation.

The scriptures outline many different types of giving. There is the tithe, which is the first 10%, then there are alms (freewill offering to the poor in which God says he will repay you what you have given). First fruit offerings are a type of giving in which you give the entire first or the difference in income from a new stream of revenue. Missionary giving is when you give toward a ministry that is doing outreach, and lastly seed giving, or sowing a seed towards a harvest (we will discuss later).

How much should you give? And who should you give it to? The tithe is 10% of your income, and should go where you are fed the most spiritually (such as a local church or a ministry you glean from on a regular basis). Outside of your tithe, the ‘how much’ and ‘to who’ is all based on faith. Let me explain how this faith operates.

Faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of God (the spoken rhema, a word from God). God is going to tell you how much and who to give it to. And don’t worry, the devil is never going to tell you to give. So God is going to tell you to give, and the act of faith comes from you obeying what you just heard, and acting upon it. This act of faith releases the grace that God has already imparted inside you.

All of this giving is totally of your freewill. I’m not saying that you will be cursed if you do not give, nor am I saying that you will not enter heaven if you do not give. But what I am saying, is that without accessing the system of kingdom finances, you will never experience heaven on earth. Nor will you find the provision to accomplish what the Lord has placed in your heart.

The type of giving that we are going to focus on for the rest of this teaching is releasing your faith in seed form giving towards a harvest. How does this work?

Well it’s not a check in the mailbox, as I’ve heard so many preachers say on TV. After you give, you must know how God gives back to you.  Many Christians know how to give, but very few actually know how to receive. You have to actually capture your harvest.

We will discuss this in our next teaching: How to receive from God.


Troy Anthony Smith is a successful entrepreneur, author, and the founder of Demonstrate It, an organization that believes in healings, signs, and wonders. Mr. Smith currently resides in Hollywood,CA, where he can be found at the grocery stores, malls, and street corners, laying hands on the sick, casting out demons, and declaring the good news of the kingdom of God.

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