The ABCs of Prophetic Evangelism

This weekend many church groups will go out into their communities and tell people about Jesus. Some will be effective, some will not, and others simply will not even go. For those that are going out this teaching may revolutionize your life and make it so that you are 100% effective. That’s right 100% effective.

How are you going to be 100% effective? By demonstrating the gospel, and not just talking about it. God has equipped you with all the necessary tools (and I’m not referring to tracts/flyers to pass out). No, you were equipped with everything that Jesus was equipped with. Ephesian 1:3 says that you were blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ. He is not holding anything back. Jesus is the desire of the nations, every heart desires the true love that can only come from him; they just do not know it.

Do not just pass out flyers! Love people, and demonstrate Jesus to them. The gospel is a message that must be experienced, not just read about. How do you do this? Prophetic evangelism. With prophetic evangelism, or power evangelism as some people call it, you unlock the hearts of those you are ministering to and allow them to experience Jesus. Most people already have perception of what Christianity is, and guess what? It’s not very good. They assume you are judgmental hypocrites that are going to Bible thump them and condemn them to hell. Love is probably the farthest thing from their mind when think about Christianity. Prophetic Evangelism is about a face to face encounter with the author of love, Jesus. He will reveal things to you about the person you are witnessing to that will forever transform their life. Now I’m not saying 100% of the people will receive your message on the spot,  but I am saying that you will effectively convey the message of love and melt their heart. Once you effectively plant that seed of love, it could harvest instantly, an hour later, or a year later, but that is between them and God; you did your part.

On our sister website-, we have just explored a 4 part series on how to effectively minister in prophetic evangelism.

The topics are:

1.Why we need prophetic evangelism

2.The greatest hindrance to prophetic evangelism

3. How to minister in power

4.The key to unlocking every heart

Do you desire to be challenged, and allow God to use you mightily? Then you definitely want to get this teaching. And for all you cheap skates, its free.  Click here to read the 4 part teaching


2 Responses to “The ABCs of Prophetic Evangelism”

  1. Sounds interesting enough that I’m going to read the 4 part teaching. Looking forward to being effective…the Holy Spirit always is.

  2. Where is Part 4???

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