Prophetic Evangelism at Yardhouse Restaurant

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. The focus of my blog now is going to be to journal my experiences “in the trenches”. It is safe to stand behind a pulpit on Sunday and Wednesday, but the true ministry work is in the place where the people are. For most people (including preachers) ministering to people in the community scares them shirtless. But you can do it! In fact Jesus has commanded you to do it, and even equipped you. People ask me all the time about my experiences so now you can gain a front row seat as we go out into all the world. I will share the things I have learned, stumbled from, and tips I desire to share with you, so that you may effectively reach the lost.

I would like to share an example of a prophetic evangelism encounter we had last night. Many people think prophetic evangelism has to always be some huge expedition with 30 people going out to blanket a city. But that is not the case. It could just be someone you bump into in an elevator, at the grocery store or even at the break room at work. To become truly proficient in the prophetic, you must practice, practice, practice. Hearing the voice of God is an ability we all possess, yet the more proficient you are in hearing His voice, the more confident you will become in stepping out on a word.

Here is one way you can practice hearing God’s voice, and being a blessing to someone else. Yesterday I went out with a friend of mine (someone who also desires to grow in the prophetic) to Yardhouse Restaurant in Los Angeles,CA. During the course of the meal, we were each to write down at least 5 things that the Holy Spirit revealed to us regarding our waitress. After we ate, we compared what each of us had written down, and surprisingly enough most were very similar. She had written down things such as she has a hard exterior but soft heart, she likes to play the guitar, and some family issues. I had written down the same thing about her heart, that she is a lover of animals, and the same family issues. So when the waitress came to bring us the check, we explain to her what we were doing, and reveal to her what the Lord revealed to us concerning her.

She told us that the things we shared with her were definitely the truth, and it opened up the door for her to forgive certain members of her family who had wronged her. Because we loved her, her heart was unlocked and she received the encouraging word from the Lord.

Here some key points to take away from this exercise.

1. We could care less about ourselves, all we wanted to do was be a blessing to her

2. When you write down what the Holy Spirit is saying you give him an opportunity to flow through you. Don’t try to remember it in your head. The Holy Spirit will flow through you as you are speaking, or in this case writing. He will flow as long as you continue to write. I stopped at 7 things, but I probably could have kept going on until I reached 30 things. When you stop, the flow stops.

3. Keep an attitude of love and encouragement. You are not there to call out sin or condemn. The very definition of prophecy is to encourage, uplift, and to exhort. So even if the Holy Spirit reveals something that is not pleasant, you can deliver it in a way that it blesses them, not condemns them.

The same Holy Spirit that is alive in me is alive in you. This is a simple exercise that anyone can do. Remember, the more you develop in hearing God’s voice, the more confident you will be in stepping out on a word.

Tonight we are going to a local hospital, where we will be ministering healing to the sick.  This is the same Holy Spirit, yet different function. God does not want you pigeon holed where you feel you can heal, but not prophesy. You can preach, but cannot heal the sick. No, Jesus did it all and so can you. Stretch yourself in areas that you may not feel comfortable and that is where you will see growth.

Troy Anthony Smith is a Pastor, author, and founder of Demonstrate It, an organization that believes in healings, signs, and wonders. Mr. Smith currently resides in Los Angeles,CA, where he can be found at the grocery stores, malls, and street corners, laying hands on the sick, casting out demons, and declaring the good news of the kingdom of God.

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