Healing Encounter at the Food Court in Atlanta

As Christians it is vital that we live the Christian walk 7 days a week, not just for 2 hours on Sunday. I was in Atlanta recently and just enjoying my lunch at the Lenox Square Mall. A young lady hobbles past me on crutches accompanied by her friend. Now I did not just come from a church service, nor had I been praying and fasting all morning, I just went there to go shopping. The Holy Spirit is in us 24 hours a day, and loves moments like this.  I spoke briefly with her and asked what happened. When I requested to pray for her, she was hesitant, because she was not sure what I would do to her. I told her no worries, I don’t have to touch her or anything, I’ll just point to the pain and command it to go. Her friend was actually more excited about the power of God than she was.

The Holy Spirit is not limited to your hands or your mouth. When you release the Holy Spirit, it is your intention that matters. When I say intention, I mean the act that you do that is according to your faith. I have spoken to people thousands of miles away over the telephone to release healing. Don’t limit the Holy Spirit. Yet in my experience, the most effective way has been the direct laying on of hands.

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One Response to “Healing Encounter at the Food Court in Atlanta”

  1. Awesome healing. Thankx for sharing with us. God is good, God is great, God is awesome. This gal, needs to give testimony of her healing. And i’m sure she will. God bless. patti h.

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