Healing Training at USC Hospital

Last night we went to USC Medical to minister healing to the sick. One lady name Judy had never experienced being used by God to minister healing. She believed in divine healing, yet she had never effectively seen the sick healed in person. So she drove out an hour and a half out to join us at USC Medical Center to witness and experience for herself the healing power of God in person.

We went through the waiting room asking if people needed healing and subsequently laid hands on them for healing. We saw amazing results, yet after a while I looked back over at Judy and noticed she was not approaching anyone and did not have the confidence that God would use her. So then we approached a guy who had glaucoma in his right eye so bad he could barely see. We motioned over Judy to lay hands on him and I knew it would work. I even took out my cell phone and recorded it so she would have a record of how God used her to heal. Each time she prayed he said that more light was coming into his eye and there was improvement each time. After that she layed hands on the woman next to him who could not walk without her walker. She had surgery years ago and it never healed properly, so her leg was permanently bent. After she prayed, her leg was straightened and she was able to walk without assistance.

In just a short period of time her confidence and attitude went from, “Can God use me?” to “who else in this place wants to receive a healing today?”

It’s one thing to watch my videos on Youtube or someone else being used by God, yet it is a totally different ballgame when YOU are the one doing the thing. It is life transforming. You begin to realize how real and how loving our God is. Make the decision to be used by God. He wants to use you more than you are willing to allow Him.

Do you desire to move in healings, signs and wonders? Get trained with our teaching on demand!


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