Making Housecalls in LA (multiple sclerosis healing)

I recently was contacted by a young man who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and had pain all over the left side of his body. He was quite surprised when I told him I would come out to his house and pray for him. So I drove out to his home, with my friend Amber to release the power of God on him.

In the video, you notice this was not a one shot deal. We laid hands on him several times, targeting different parts of his body. Each time we prayed the pain was reduced. Many times when you are laying hands on the sick, it requires a lot of perseverance. Luckily, we both had time, and our sole desire was to see him set free.


2 Responses to “Making Housecalls in LA (multiple sclerosis healing)”

  1. WooHoo!!!! God is good … He restores balance, and heals our nerves!! He never intended that we be captive in the bodies HE DESIGNED for us!!! Thank you Jesus!!

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