Are You Being Taught How to Resemble Christ??

Suppose you had an 8 year old son who had trouble reading. After much searching you found a tutor who who said they could teach your son to read. This tutor was very expensive, yet you decided to choose this tutor because you dearly loved your son. Your son is now 18 and still cannot read, yet you pay an exorbitant amount of money every month to the tutor, and hours of “reading classes”.

Would you still continue to pay this tutor to train your son?

Sadly, this is how many churches are. Many sit under the same teaching for 25, 30, 40 years and are still not being taught how to operate as a Son of God. The apostle Paul’s main teaching was this: Christ in you-the HOPE OF GLORY!! God is not picking and choosing, giving some “super-anointed” gifts and others are called to just sit in the pews. No, we were all called to be Sons of God and do the works of Christ!

According to Ephesians 4:11-13 the purpose of a church is to train believers to be spiritually mature and resemble Christ. As Jesus was in this world, so are we. We must remember that Christianity was started by just 12 men who were so full of the Holy Spirit that it turned the entire Roman Empire upside down. These 12 men led to 120, which led to 5000 and so on in just a few short months. What made it spread so rapidly? Because these men resembled Christ and did His works!

Why continue to sit under teaching that is clearly opposite of the Bible?

It is on my heart to say this: If you found my blog, you are convinced that there is more than what you are experiencing. Just like my earlier illustration, the parent knows that their child can learn to read. Yet they continue to settle and waste time with an ineffective so called “teacher”.

Your life is precious. Do not waste it sitting under teaching that will not allow you to grow in the full measure of Christ. In this Internet information, there are numerous resources to get trained properly. The choice is yours. There are many people from around the world who receive weekly from the teaching at the Demonstrate It store (most of it is free). Others have decided to take it a step further and partner with our ministry for more in depth training.  At some point you must take charge of your life, and be who Christ died for you to be. It is time for YOU to be the one laying hands on the sick and prophesying to the lost. Learn how today!

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