Ministering Healing Even When You Don’t Understand

On Wednesday I received a call to minister to a man who was facing almost certain death at UCLA Hospital. They didn’t even tell me what the situation was.

When I went to the hospital, they had me put on the medical suit and gloves and had to be cleared by the nurse in charge, because he was in an isolated room. I went in the room and the man was very weak and tired and could barely speak. He told me he had a rare kidney disease in which his kidneys failed and caused his stomach to fill up with water, killing him.

I’m not a medical doctor, so I didn’t know what was physically going on with him. I introduced myself and spoke to him for a few moments, then laid hands on him. He told me experienced heat come over his body. I laid hands on him two more times then left.

I didn’t hear anything after that so i called the hospital this morning. They informed me he has recovered and was released from the hospital today. God is amazing!! Hallelujah!!

In this situation I could not use my mind at all. Physically he was in such poor condition it was not like I could lay hands and then tell him to ‘do something he could not do before’. No, I just had to believe Mark 16:18 which says believers shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. So while the Holy Spirit was moving on him and in him, there was no point in me sticking around.

Teaching point: You don’t have to understand what is going on to be effective. Just lay hands and believe the power of God is present to heal. Have faith that believers shall lay hands and the sick shall recover. Believe this whether you understand what


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