Miracles Break Out at NFL Charity Event

This past weekend I went out to help a friend’s charity event. He plays in the NFL and gives free shoes to the homeless every year. So I went out there with the intent to volunteer and help him, not necessarily minister healing, but when God is with you, you are always on duty.

Long story short, they were bringing people to me until an all out revival took place. A lady with nerve damage in her hip was healed, a lady who recently had a stroke was made whole, a man struggling a pain in his left knee was healed (he was also knocked over by the power of the Holy Spirit and began speaking in tongues for the first time). And a man training for the US Olympic trials in Oregon was healed of ankle and knee problems. Wow, what a weekend!

The video is raw and the audio is a little hard to hear, but hopefully you can still receive from it


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