The 4 Types Hearers

I understand that I cast a wide net, and attract many followers to the blog and website. Yet it is very important to understand exactly why people are hearing the message. When Jesus was ministering to people, there were several types of people listening to Him. And surprisingly enough, many did not have his best interest.

This post is to help people discern who is listening to their messages. Some people post on facebook, some people tweet, and others preach in pulpits. Yet if you can discern your audience, you will be that much more effective.

When Jesus ministered to people there were 4 people present. These 4 “types” of people are still present today.

1. Jesus- ministered healing

2. The recipient of healing

3. The disciple- training to do what Jesus did

4. The Pharisee- trying to stop what Jesus was doing

Understanding your core audience will help you to be able to better address the needs of your listeners. The people who read my blog and comment on my Facebook page and attend services are a mix of all 4. Lets dig deeper to find out what the goal of each these four “types” are after.

1. Jesus- type- These people are out doing the works already. They are moving in the Spirit, healing the sick and prophesying daily. It is a lifestyle to them. When these people ‘Amen’ they can relate because this is what they do.

2. the recipient type- this is the person who wants to receive prayer, usually for healing or finances. This person usually is only interested in receiving an answered prayer or a prophetic word. Once they receive it, you probably will not hear from them again. They are usually not interested in the technical details on how to heal the sick or receive a financial miracle. It is important to discern the difference between this type and the disciple type.

3. the disciple type- this is the person who desires to do the works of Jesus. They will hang on every word, listen to the sermons and videos and actually take notes. What is their motivation? Their motivation is to be able to do it for themselves. These people would rather you teach them how to fish, as opposed to give them a fish. As a teacher, this is the segment you will want to spend the majority of your time with. Not because they are more important, but because they will retain what you teach.

4. The Pharisee type- the ones trying to stop the message. I encounter this type a lot. They are skeptics who truly believe that God no longer speaks or heals today, so they try to convince others to shy away from your message. The apostle Paul had to deal with them, Smith Wigglesworth and John G. Lake had to deal with them, and if you are an anointed teacher, then you too will have to deal with them. They are usually very religious, and know the law like the back of their hand. Yet the Spirit of God is foreign to them. So they twist scriptures to justify their skewed beliefs. When dealing with this type, it is no point to try to debate them, because their underlying foundation is off. The only way to deal with this type is to love them and let them experience the kingdom of God first hand- through a prophetic word, healing, or an act of love (in the natural).

So as you are reading these blog posts and watching the videos, what is your motivation? Are you trying to find fault and doctrinal errors (Pharisees). Do you just want to be healed, but could really care less about the teaching? Or are you learning so you can be able to demonstrate the gospel for yourself (disciple)?  Which one are you?

Because we cast such a wide net, it would be foolish to share everything with everybody. So the goal is to focus on teaching and training disciples. Our partnership program was specifically designed for this- teaching regular Christian believers how to move in healings, signs and wonders.  However in the streets the goal is demonstrate the gospel to unbelievers, as a sign to the truth of the Word of God (so that they might believe). So ultimately our desire as a ministry is for believers to get the teaching on how to move in the Spirit, and then demonstrate it on the streets, causing more disciples for Jesus.

Troy Anthony Smith is a Pastor, author, and founder of Demonstrate It, an organization that believes in healings, signs, and wonders. Mr. Smith currently resides in Los Angeles,CA, where he can be found at the grocery stores, malls, and street corners, laying hands on the sick, casting out demons, and declaring the good news of the kingdom of God

Are you interested in partnering with Demonstrate It Ministries? Click here for more info


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