Laying Your Life Down- A Hard Decision??

The way in which you see your heavenly Father will ultimately shape your life. Do you see Him as a demanding boss who is never quite satisfied? or do you see Him as a loving Father, who loves you as a Son or Daughter?

This is a major distinction because many people do things to please God, even though it is not in their heart to do it. Do you pray and fast and go to church because you think that God will be pleased with that? This is a serious heart issue.

The moment you received Jesus as Lord and Savior, your Heavenly Father became pleased with you. You became accepted by Him, and are totally and utterly and unconditionally loved by Him. We do not do works SO THAT we will be accepted. Because we are accepted and loved, we are moved to do works. It is not that we have to do any works, it is just that the Father’s love has so overflowed out of our hearts, it gives us great joy to be able to do the works.

A person that thinks God is mad and upset and hard to be pleased, will always continue to do works to try to gain favor with God. Nothing that they do will ever seem enough. One bad move and BAM!! He is there to strike you down with a lightning bolt. Pay your bi-weekly dues to appease the ‘angry God’. Is this how you view God?

Do you see Him as God, the Father? Or do you see Him as ‘The Godfather?’ You know, the one played by Al Pacino in the movie. Pay your respects to the Godfather. That is simply not who our Heavenly Father is. He just wants to love you, not break you.

The decision to lay your life down for God is a choice we make. This choice is based on the fact that living IN CHRIST is so much more amazing than any life I could live on my own. In Christ I have guarantees to all the promises of God, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the unconditional love of My Heavenly Father. I have peace and joy and assurance that His angels are watching over me and are protecting me. So I willingly choose to bury my old man, and live the amazing life of Christ. Each day is an adventure, discovering more and more each day who I am in Christ and how much He truly loves me. I get to travel the globe and heal people, encourage people, and see lives changed by Jesus in the same way that my life was changed. What a life!

Is this how you see your walk with God? Or do you see it as a burden, constantly desiring your old life back? If you secretly still desire sin or its temporary pleasures, then you just haven’t matured to the point where you choose God yet. But yet God is not tripping over it. He is so confident that the life He has planned for you is so much more amazing than the life you are trying to live; He is waiting on you to discover it. As with any parent, He is not happy when we fall short, and is happy when you exercise faith and trust in His Words; yet He does not love you any more or less as a result. He loves you with the same love He loves Jesus with. We are all in the great and royal family of God, and have a divine right to all its privileges and benefits.

The greatest trick of the devil is to paint the picture that living for God is boring, corny, and without fun. And living for the devil is exciting, daring, and desired. Most movies and TV promote this deception. Is it really fun when people are dying because of diseases based on sexual sins, families are torn apart because of adultery, and lives are destroyed because of drug and alcohol addiction? Is it fun when Maury says to you, “you ARE the FATHER!” When lungs are shriveled up due to smoking and you have to talk out of your neck?

Today discover the life that God has planned for you to live. The kingdom of God is infinitely different than the world system; it is far more amazing than you could even dream. But the requirement is that you must totally disconnect from the world system and dive head first into the kingdom! You will be glad you did!

“Fear looks, but faith jumps” -Smith Wigglesworth

Troy Anthony Smith is a Pastor, author, and founder of Demonstrate It, an organization that believes in healings, signs, and wonders. Mr. Smith currently resides in Los Angeles,CA, where he can be found at the grocery stores, malls, and street corners, laying hands on the sick, casting out demons, and declaring the good news of the kingdom of God

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2 Responses to “Laying Your Life Down- A Hard Decision??”

  1. Joe Vasquez Says:

    Enjoyed your column. Encouraged by it as well. Where did you begin to lay hands on the sick? I’ve gone to churches and hospitals and the red tape that’s felt a neccessaty has only become a barricade and irratation to me. I believe that sign s should follow and that God will confirm His word. And look to move in the light of that truth in my community but it’s as if no one is willing to cooperate with me. Where do I go? So tired of going through the motions.

    • in most hospitals the ER room is public, so you can politely ask if you can pray for someone who is showing obvious signs of pain or discomfort. They should be pretty receptive. Also, when you are out in your daily life, look for people with crutches, slings, bandages, etc. Eventually people will start requesting you. I started just laying hands on people I saw that needed healing. In everyday places like grocery stores, malls, etc

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