Your Inheritance is Waiting…

Many years ago in a far off village, a wealthy businessman lay on his deathbed. All of his life he had kept his extreme wealth a secret from his family. His children and grandchildren lay around the bed as he hugged them and gave them his last words. They were all in tears, sad to see him go. Yet they were completely unaware of his high net worth.

The very next week, the executor of his estate called all of the loved ones to gather together for the reading of the Last Will and Testament, which details what he left behind. As a complete surprise, they were now aware of their net worth and inheritance made possible through his death. He had 20 children and grandchildren and gave them each an equal share of his immense wealth.

Out of the 20 total children and grandchildren only 4 actually received their share, and the remaining 16 died penniless. How did this happen?

10 never showed up to the reading of the Last Will and Testament and were therefore totally unaware of their inheritance. And 6 acknowledged it but never took the necessary steps to partake in his wealth. Yet the wealthy businessman wanted ALL of his children and grandchildren to be included.

This is what Jesus has done for us. He was beaten, bruised, and crucified on the cross. Through his death and burial, we have been made rich and joint-heirs to everything Christ has. Yet the details of what he actually did for us is listed in His Last Will and Testament. His Last Will and Testament expains our net worth and our inheritance in Christ. It lists His promises to us, instructions for us, and His gifts to us.

All of this is found in His Last Will and Testament- otherwise known as the New Testament.

Do you value it? Or will you be like the 16 out of 20 children and grandchildren who cast it aside? Discovering what is in this New Testament (or New Covenant) is the difference between struggling from crises to crises and tragedy to tragedy,  vs.  ruling and reigning with authority, victoriously living life as Christ lived on the earth.

This parable explains the million dollar question, why do some Christians receive and some do not?

Parable’s explanation. The businessman’s wealth, which was made available to all his children and grandchildren, is a symbol of grace. Grace is God’s undeserved goodness, the divine empowerment which was made available to all without measure through Christ. So all 20 had equal access to grace. But the only way to access any of it is through faith. Faith withdraws what grace has made available, whether it is salvation, healing, gifts of the Spirit, or financial prosperity.  So how does faith come? According to Romans 10:17, faith comes by hearing the word. So the 10 that did not show up had no faith, because they were not even aware of what was available.

For the 6 that heard the word and had faith it still did not profit them. Why is this? Once faith comes (by hearing), it must then be released (by action).  For example, simply hearing about healing will not get you healed. You must take action, based upon the Word. For unto us was the gospel preached, as well as unto them: but the word preached did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in them heard it- Hebrews 4:2. Or to put it another way, faith without works (faith that is unreleased, or not acted upon) is dead -James 1:20.

Lastly, the 4 that received the inheritance, heard the good news of their inheritance (grace) and took action to receive it (faith) and make it a reality in their lives.

Receive your inheritance today!

Troy Anthony Smith is a Pastor, author, and the founder of Demonstrate It, an organization that believes in healings, signs, and wonders. Pastor Smith currently resides in Los Angeles,CA, where he can be found at the grocery stores, malls, and street corners, laying hands on the sick, casting out demons, and declaring the good news of the kingdom of God.

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6 Responses to “Your Inheritance is Waiting…”

  1. Amen, very profound!

  2. Anita L. Richburg -Scurry Says:

    I am working my faith and trusting what God has for me. He has already showing me his gifts that I have trusted him for. I put my life in his hands. My marriage is in his hands. Thank you for sharing your message.

  3. Sheridan Gay Says:

    Hi Pastor Troy, I just wanted to give you an encouraging word today because you are definitely a man from God’s own heart. Please get a paypal account set up soon for yourself so people that are lead by God to donote can do it through paypal, and you can accept the donation because no personal information is given out by you or the donor. In other words, it is safer and cheaper to use paypal, and you need all the financing you can get for the path you are embarking. Thank you & blessed, Sister Sheridan Gay

  4. Pastor Abraham Bassey Says:

    Pst Smith, God bless u for this wonderful teaching on grace and our inheritance. I enjoy it and I was blessed. Pst Abraham Bassey

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