Breaking Free from Addiction to Pornography- Part 1

God wants you free in every area. He wants you healed, he wants you in solid relationships, and have more than enough financially. But one area that often goes neglected is addictions. A person is not whole if they have everything else whole except addictions. Addictions bring shame and guilt and often ruin relationships. Because of the shame and guilt associated with sexual addictions people are afraid to tell others what they are dealing with.

If there was a conference for healing, people would come from far away to get healed. If there was a marriage conference, it would be packed with couples desiring a healthy marriage. Finance seminars are always packed. Yet if I held ‘Break free from Porn addiction’ conference, it probably would be empty. But with the power of the internet you can break free from porn addiction (or any addiction) right now at home in Jesus mighty name!

Too many Christians struggle with this ‘hidden’ sin. Because it does not have the effects of pregnancy or STDs some think it is ok. People think they can just clear their internet history and it is ok. It is not ok. It will ruin you and steal everything from you. It is a form of bondage that the enemy has created. So Christians know it is wrong, but feel they are powerless to overcome it. Today you will be free. We will unmask the devil and his slick tricks finally.

The first thing we are going to do is to break the demonic spirit backing pornography. Pray this prayer with me (out loud and with authority):

In the name of Jesus I break the spirit of pornography. The blood of Jesus has set me free, and I am no longer in bondage. I am free today. Today I live for Christ and am a new creature. Old things are passed away and all things have become new. I bind the devil in the name of Jesus and I loose freedom. Today I AM FREE!!

That is it! You are free. Wasn’t that simple? Now let’s explore the cycle that the devil uses to keep people in bondage and how we can break the cycle so that you are never trapped again. The cycle is based upon shame, guilt, and condemnation. This is what keeps people in bondage.

1. Temptation– everything starts with this. It comes in the form of words, a thought or an image you have seen that arouses the desire to sin

2. Confidence in the flesh– I am strong, I can handle that, people will say. Temptation that is not dealt with, will lead to sin. Why is it not dealt with? Because you think you are strong enough to handle it.

3. Sin– At this point you have committed the act of sexual sin

4. Shame, Guilt, and Condemnation– now you feel absolutely horrible. The devil is now bombarding you with a series of thoughts like: you are worthless, you are not saved, that God will never use you again, etc.

5. Resolutions (based on human efforts)– Now a person makes outlandish resolutions such as “I will never look at a woman again!” “I will never use a computer ever again!” All of these efforts are based upon your own human strength (which is flawed). At this point the devil is standing up clapping because this is what he wanted all along. He knows your flesh is weak. So he will let you think you are ok and come back a little while longer. Then what does he do? Back to step one- he gives you a temptation, and now you have just repeated the cycle all over again.

Many people stay in this cycle for decades, and once you are in, most never get out. It takes a revelation from God to get out and stay out for good. So how exactly do you get out?

A deep understanding of the power of grace will set you free and keep you free. Grace will empower you to overcome any sin or any bondage. The teaching of grace is a controversial one, as is any message which totally unmasks the tricks of the enemy (like healing, financial prosperity, etc).

The thing that keeps the cycle going is step 4. Shame, Guilt, and Condemnation. These are the 3 big guns of the devil. If you stay in shame, guilt, and condemnation, essentially you stay in bondage. Condemnation is NOT from God. The apostle Paul explains this cycle in Romans 7 and 8. In Romans 7 he says the good that he wants to do, he can’t do. And the thing he hates to do, that is what he does. You can tell he is describing a man that is in a hopeless and endless cycle of sin, guilt, and shame. How did he break free? Understanding there is no condemnation. Romans 8:1 says there is therefore NO condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

God is not the one accusing you, that is the description of the devil. God wants you to win, He is the one rooting for you. Let’s see how Jesus handled the situation. Remember the woman caught in adultery in John 8? When all the men were ready to throw stones at her and were accusing her, did Jesus jump in and accuse her also? No, he didn’t. He actually said to the woman, I don’t condemn you either, go and sin no more. Once the condemnation is gone, the yoke is destroyed and a person is free to live without sin.

This article is written for those who are sincere in their walk with God and have been struggling in this area. It is NOT for those looking for an excuse to stay in sin. Those looking for an excuse to remain in sin are probably not saved, so I am NOT speaking to you. This is strictly for those who really want to be free, but they have been subject to bad teaching and were therefore unaware of satan’s little tricks and tactics. His main strategy is to use the law against you. Once you break the law, he floods you with guilt, shame, and condemnation… thus putting you in his territory. Understanding that you are free from the law, and free from condemnation, its hold on you is gone forever.

Why does his strategy of shame, guilt, and condemnation work so well? This is because faith and the power of God is all about your confidence in God. Shame, guilt, and condemnation will  eat away your confidence… thus you will lose boldness for Him, rendering you ineffective for the kingdom of God.

So what many might consider a small indiscretion like pornography can totally take you out of the game. In Part 2 we will discuss specific things you can do to break the cycle, so the devil is forever defeated in this area of your life.


4 Responses to “Breaking Free from Addiction to Pornography- Part 1”

  1. Donita Waldron Says:

    absolutely powerful!!!

  2. i want and pray to god that he will set me free from this bondage call porno graphy ,,,today i wan,t to be free from that

  3. oshane4444 Says:

    Thank you for your encouragement for staying free from sin which is watching pornography and the lord has your reward for you.

  4. Toluwanimioseni Says:

    God bless you sir

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