Painting a Picture With Your Life

Life is short. Very short. One moment you are in your twenties trying to decide what you want to do with your life, and then before you know it you are in your 70s playing with your grandchildren. In the grand scheme of things, the window to make a mark in this world is very small. Many of us mistakenly think we are always going to be here… as if you can do your assignment next month or next year (then it becomes next decade).

For most Christians, their drive to do the will of God is almost embarrassing.  They treat the great commission (a commandment), as if it was a suggestion. They think they can get around to doing it when they feel like it. Some Christians do not know about healing, and the Jesus’ last words of proclaim the gospel of the kingdom to all nations—so I’m not speaking to them. I am talking about the ones who know what the gospel of the kingdom is, who know about laying hands on the sick, who know about the love of God.  What are you actually doing with this revelation knowledge?

Before I came to know God, I was in the music business in New York City. The ambition and the hustle was expected by everyone in the industry. It was generally understood that if you didn’t perform, there were about 25 other people who would willingly take your spot. I commuted 2 hours each way to that job, because I wanted to make it to the top. Many times, when working on a project, you were expected to get by on 3-5 hours sleep. The rapper Drake, coined a phrase YOLO, which means ‘you only live once’; meaning you must give it your all because you will never get this shot again. Recently Beyonce released a song “I Was Here” in which she sings about how she wants her mark to be left on the world. She wants people to know, ‘she was here’ that she lived life to the full. This was the world I was in, give it your all or go home.

Then when I got born again, I noticed the complete opposite in the kingdom of God. No one was striving for anything, no one was pushing for Christ’s words being a reality on earth.  The people of God just seemed concerned about having their own needs met—their bills, their family, and that’s it! You mean to tell me that rappers and R&B singers have more drive than Spirit filled sons and daughters of the most High God?

I learned about the things of God not until my mid-twenties. The power of the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, the healings and miracles was all completely foreign to me until just a few years ago. This is the message that totally flipped the Roman Empire upside down, in which grown men were willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of it. Once I discovered it, I went full steam ahead.

I looked at it this way. Our lives are an expression of how we see the message of Christ. It is as if we are painting a picture with our lives, that we will one day present to Jesus. What does your painting look like? The apostle Paul had his shot to paint his picture. Smith Wigglesworth and John G. Lake did the best they could as they went ALL IN for Christ. So I could either keep studying their lives and copy what they did, or I could seek God for my own experience—my own painting.

So in the last two years it has been hard to relate to most people because they do not see the urgency in which I see the gospel. Jesus knew he only had 3 and a half years to complete His earthly ministry. So when He asked a man to follow Him and he replied let me tell my parents goodbye first, it’s no wonder He said, ‘never mind, you are not fit for the kingdom.’ Or when another man asked if he could bury his father first, Jesus replied, ‘Let the dead bury the dead. You come follow Me.’ Many look at that today like Jesus was being harsh, but no, He just knew the urgency of His message, and the finite time He had to get it out to the world.

It is the same way today, you are not going to live for 500 years, so you cannot afford to obey God 35 years after He told you to do something. I don’t mean to sound harsh in my blog today, but it truly saddens me the complacency in which Christians take Christ’s Words.  Each day millions of people are dying, the hospitals are packed, children are starving; and the Christians have the answers yet are refusing to do anything.

In Luke 10:1, Jesus says something very interesting. He says the harvest is great, but the laborers are few. Pray that the Lord of the harvest would send laborers into his harvest. What is interesting is that the word ‘send’ that Jesus uses in this verse is not the typical English verb ‘send’ as it is in verse 10:1. The actual verb in the greek is ‘ekballo’ which translates to mean ‘cast out’, as in cast out a demon. So Jesus is implying that many Christians need to literally be cast out of their comfortable complacent lives in order to do the work of the ministry, to receive HIS harvest.

I made it up in my mind I was not going to be complacent. In the past year and a half I moved from Atlanta, GA to Los Angeles, CA, launched 3 websites for ministry, started a church, wrote a best-selling book, started a TV show, and am about to embark on a cross country healing crusade. I don’t do any of this because of some unique gift that I posses or a special anointed calling in which Jesus came to my bed at 3am. No, I’m just doing it because He told me in Mark 16:17 and Matthew 28:20 to do it.

What does your painting look like?


Troy Anthony Smith is a Pastor, author, and the founder of Demonstrate It, an organization that believes in healings, signs, and wonders. Pastor Smith currently resides in Los Angeles,CA, where he can be found at the grocery stores, malls, and street corners, laying hands on the sick, casting out demons, and declaring the good news of the kingdom of God.

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9 Responses to “Painting a Picture With Your Life”

  1. Joe Vasquez Says:

    I totally relate to your writing. I’ve made attempts to contact you, even go as far as participated in the receiving of a word of prophesy, that I have yet to receive. I have questions, I sense the urgency. I have 200 friends on my facebook page and have recently stepped out of my comfort zone and possibly even offended afew people, in that I stated, if in the name of Jesus you can’t be healed, than in the name of Jesus you can’t be saved. Asked if anyone needed prayer for healing, with no reply and one like to the post. Nevertheless, should their unbelief make God’s word of no effect, God forbid. I’m interested in this training you speak of but don’t know how to receive it. I’m about to venture into the e.r’s as well and would like some input could you please respond to my plea that I may put the finishing touches on the life Chist has purchased for me? Thank you

  2. Hello Joe! I’m glad that you have been blessed by the article. I don’t recall receiving a prophecy request from you, but I am sensing from the Holy Spirit a word for you now. He says that you have the tools that you need to achieve your specific calling. Many have not helped you because it would be a crutch in your life. Rely fully on Him and He will guide you. The more you are willing to step out of your comfort zone, the greater results you will see. Be willing to look foolish to see the amazing. You have a specific calling and God has chosen to a specific group of people…people that are often overlooked. But God has chosen you for this assignment. As you step out on the journey, you will find people helping you do it. The financial provision that you are seeking is also on this journey. Stop looking to the left and the right and look right in front of you.

    • Joe Vasquez Says:

      Thank you for your quick reply and word. To encourage you as you have me, the word given touched on two main areas of concern for me, those being the lack of assistance, which I never really minded because, I was comforted with the truth that no servant was greater than his master and I truly want mine to be Christ, where as it was more common within the body to immulate so and so and so and so. I’m just encouraged all the more with this confirming word. And the second, ministering to the sick, I’ve asked about such a ministry and not anyone I’ve asked had such a one. I know that this an area that is needed urgently and more importantly immediately. It’s blood bought. It’s the preaching of the gospel. It’s the word that cannot be argued. It’s the sign that he would show in these last days on the earth. It’s what I believe He wants for His body. Thank you again. And I hope to have not offended you in my last comment, regarding the word of prophesy.

  3. Thanks…..I have a street ministry called I Will Listen reaching out to the homeless, addicted, prostitutes and mentally ill in the projects of Phoenix Arizona. Most think I’m crazy to go out and feed these people along with cold drinks, but God shows up daily setting lives free and being delivered from demons. Your post encourage me to keep going and fight the fight and KNOW today is the day to be set free…Thanks again…youtube….I will Listen Ministry

  4. Great job guys….I have been serving God for years and feel stuck. I do the church thing every sunday….I go to church and work…you know serving the people of God but I feel so inadequate as if i havent even touch the surface in being doing as Christ did….you know things like seeing the sick healed, seeing people delivered from varios illnesses and demon possession…..I really need a thrust…..what can I do to get this.

    • Joe Vasquez Says:

      The first (principle) thing is to be baptized with the Holy Spirit. If you have not as of yet. Then ask for wisdom, for wisdom to is the beginning of things. The second is behold the glory of the Lord by beholding Him through the scriptures. Remember faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of Christ. And in the process, you’ll be renewing your mind, which in turn will show you God’s good,acceptanle and perfect will. Thirdly, know undoubtably that authority and abbility has been provided by Christ Jesus (Mark 16:16-20).

  5. needamiraclenow Says:

    Debbie, for me I had to make a decision to trust and follow God’s direction even putting myself in danderous situations daily. I never draw attention to myself, but instead what God has called me to do in the trenches. Fear will mislead you, step out and be bold laying hands on the sick casting out demons. God has a plan for you, try not to complicate it….his message is clear. If you ever get to Phoenix go out with me for a day or better yet visit Troys ministry to learn how easy God has made this. Freedom is calling

  6. I enjoyed reading your posting. Your posting was pertinent, poignant, and powerful! I too believe that God is doing something great here in Los Angeles. It is wonderful to read the blog of a kindred spirit. God bless all of your endeavors. By the way, where is your church?

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