Parable of the Chocolate Cake Company

Parable: There was once a very successful chocolate cake company which was known for having the best tasting cakes in the world. Over time the company hired a new advertising director, and he decided to promote the idea that the cakes contained an ingredient that slightly reduces blood pressure, and not focus on how great they taste. Over the years the public forgot how great the cakes taste, and the product became lost in the shuffle of “health” products, eventually leaving the company on the brink of bankruptcy.

Many years later, a new advertising director was hired to turn the company around. He immediately began to focus on how great the cakes taste and gave out free samples across the world. Within a few short years, everyone became aware of their great taste, and the company became a household name once again, reaching greater success than its earlier years.

It is the same way with the gospel. The greatest advertisement for the gospel is the love of God, the healings, and miracles, yet we have focused on things such as “the afterlife” and “commandments” which have no bearing to the average person.

The best blueprint we have in presenting the gospel to the world is how Jesus and the apostles did it:
1)Love people(not judge them),
2) demonstrate the power of the Gospel (with the Holy Spirit),
3) tell them about the kingdom of God (how they can receive Jesus as savior).
If the church returns to the original blueprint of presenting the Gospel, the world will see the greatest revival it has ever experienced. Over the last few centuries, the focus has been shifted away, yet God wants to bring it back. Also, many Christians will say, “I cannot do that. I cannot heal the sick or perform miracles”. News for you, if you have Jesus and His Holy Spirit, yes you can!!

I thank God for many of the old time greats like Smith Wigglesworth, John G Lake, Oral Roberts and many others. But it is time now, for the everyday people in their own community to step out by faith and do the same works of God. Not only can we do these works, we are expected to do them!

“Verily verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” John 14:12

2 Responses to “Parable of the Chocolate Cake Company”

  1. antonius smink Says:

    thank you for that truth ,so hard to find today= lost in an intertainment hype type gospel service

  2. This is really great and full of truth. I however cannot agree that I can do miracles or heal. I cant do any of it. It is God who does it I only serve as a medium, a vessel. He doesnt even need me to do it he is way greater than that. To God be all the glory. Its best not to take any it has a way of corrupting and causing one to become puffed up. Its best to say dont thank me thank God I didnt do anything.

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