Family Miracle in Pennsylvania Healing Service

Now I have seen quite a few miracles in the past few years, but what happened yesterday during my east coast trip totally blew me away. And the biggest thing about this miracle, was that it had absolutely nothing to do with me.

For the past few days I have been touring the east coast to demonstrate the gospel. I had a big healing meeting planned at a church in New Jersey, but at the last minute it was cancelled. So out of the blue, a guy who follows me on Facebook, noticed that I was on the east coast and asked if I could come to his church in Pennsylvania. He was a few hours away in central PA, in the Amish country. Usually I don’t take people too seriously that invite me, unless it is the Pastor, because my message is generally too radical for the typical church, and therefore the Pastor will not be on board. But this case was different.

The following day he said the Pastor was 100% willing for me to come, and she actually purchased my book and was completely excited for me to come.

Now my parents live in New Jersey, so I was staying with them for a few days while I was in town. I did not grow up in a Christian home, and my family (including me) had absolutely no clue about the power of the Holy Spirit. Yet a few years ago, my Mom witnessed the miracles that God was working in my life and she gave her life to the Lord, and has been on fire ever since. But my Dad never really seemed interested at all in any spiritual things.

My dad and I talked for awhile on Sunday night, and I brought up Jesus and even talked about some of the healing miracles that were taking place in Los Angeles and other cities; but still it was not getting through. God still seemed distant to him. Plus I am sure that he was not too excited to drive me all the way to central PA for the healing meeting.

So yesterday afternoon we left New Jersey to go to the meeting in central PA. It seemed as if we were driving for hours as we went deeper and deeper in the rural country towns.  After about 2 hours we were driving alongside the Amish with their horses and buggies along the farmland. There was about one house every mile or so. I could see the look on his face like, ‘Where in the world are we?’

We finally arrived at the small Presbyterian church, and the people were some of the nicest and most pleasant people that I have ever met. Their faces were beaming with the joy of the Lord as they eagerly awaited to hear the Word of the Lord. I spoke with the Pastor before the service and she told me how they have a Holy Ghost filled church and it has caused some controversy within her denomination. Yet while she spoke I could sense the presence of the Holy Spirit so mightily upon her life.

The service began at 7:30 and after an amazing praise and worship session I approached the platform and immediately began to receive words of knowledge about specific conditions that the Holy Spirit was healing. I felt a mighty rush of the Holy Spirit sweep through the place, and I eventually just went right into the message. I don’t remember too much of what I said, I just let the Holy Spirit fill my mouth with words that He wanted to say to the people.

After the service I spoke to the Pastor for a few moments and encouraged her that she was in fact doing the good work of the Lord and her deeds would be rewarded openly in the upcoming months, and a great revival would sweep through her church and that region. Then I headed home with my Dad.

It was a great night, with many miracles, and words, and I slept like a baby as I prepared to fly back to Los Angeles the following day.

So the following day I went out to lunch with my Dad and he told me the most amazing story. When he went to work earlier in the day, his boss came right to his office first thing in the morning. He began to tell him how his daughter was totally amazed and blessed by the service last night. It turns out that his daughter was at the service in central PA last night. And guess what? His daughter was the Pastor of that Presbyterian church! I think I was just as shocked as he was. And then a few minutes after this was revealed, the owner of the small diner that we were eating at, came over (out of the blue) and said that the meal was on the house.

I could see the look on my Dad’s face. It was a look that I have seen many times before, just not in my own family. It was the look that said, ‘This is the work of the Lord, and it is marvelous in our sight’. The God who seemed distant, had suddenly became near. He knew that this was real.

Here is the teaching point from this testimony. One man of faith, named Christopher Parsons in rural Pennsylvania, stepped out in faith and invited me, some random preacher in Los Angeles he heard about through Facebook, to come out to his church. He didn’t know I had family in New Jersey, he didn’t know His Pastor’s father knew my father, or that she would even allow me to speak. He just had faith, and wanted to see more of an awesome God do awesome stuff. His act of faith had a ripple effect on his family, my family, his church, and the entire region of Pennsylvania…all because he was willing to step out in faith. All you have to do is STEP OUT and you will find that God has already put all the pieces in motion for you.

Now what is it that God has placed on your heart to step out and do. Just do it!


6 Responses to “Family Miracle in Pennsylvania Healing Service”

  1. Praise God for such a beautiful, inspiring testimony! Thank you brother Troy for sharing.
    May God continue to use you mightily in his service, and shower blessings upon you and your family.

  2. Amen. The Holy Ghost does amazing works.

  3. Hawa Kamara Says:

    I crossed paths with you on Tuesday in Philadelphia. I am in desperate need of a miracle for my brother who is in the NeuroIntensive Care Unit @ the University of Pennsylvania Hospital.

  4. Joy Kitay Says:

    Praise God, I’m in the Pittsburgh area, are you still in PA? We believe in miracles, and we see the supernatural HAPPENING, all the time, the glory is coming, in ever-increasing ways! Yah God! He’s revealing Himself more and more, in His great love! I would love to get together with you if you are anywhere near this area.
    Joy Kitay
    412 266-2214

  5. Amen! God is amazing, cheers!

  6. God’s timing is astounding! He is Awesome! If we are just faithful to do our part & step out in faith, we see get the chance to see some pretty amazing things….. Thank you brother Troy for sharing your experiences with the world. It is such an encouragement. And if you are ever in Australia…..

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