Do I Have to “Work” in Order to Believe?

Last night I was invited to a service in which a prominent man of God was preaching.  But before the service began, I overheard two ladies behind me complaining about the rising costs of bills and how sickness was going around her workplace, and how she felt she was next to get sick.

In my mind, I wondered how could there be such a disparity in the lifestyles of believers? One man is used mightily around the world for God, and yet another is just trying get their bills paid?

The answer is that to become successful in the kingdom of God, it takes a lot of “work”. Working, or “works” is considered a dirty word in most Christian circles, so let me define this:

What is your “work” as a Christian?

Many will say, your “work” is to live holy, read the Bible, pray, fast, and give offerings. If this is your “work” then I’m sad to say, but you have missed it. If you are “working” to obtaining anything from God, then you are trying to do things in your own strength, and it simply will not work. Whether you are trying to receive healing, a financial breakthrough, or freedom from an addiction, you will fail in your own power. You need Jesus’ power to be successful.

So what type of work am I referring to?

Your work as a born again Christian is to believe.

Believe what?

Believe that Jesus did it all on the cross. Believe that when Jesus said “it is finished” he truly meant it.

Now most Christians will read this and automatically shrug it off and say, “Pastor Troy, I do believe…but what are we supposed to actually do?” That’s the problem right there, we are always trying to add something to the finished work of the cross.

Believing is not really that simple. From the time you entered kindergarten, to college, from your friends and family;literally all your life, your thinking has been framed a certain way: opposite of the Word of God. Every time you turn on the television, it is programmed to “program” your thinking. According to the New York Times, the average American watched 34 hours of television per week in 2012.

A few days ago I posted a video on Facebook of NBA player Kevin Durant giving a testimony of his success over a 12 game shooting streak. The way he has been playing was phenomenal. After one of the games, the reporter asked him, “What goes into getting you to the level that you have been playing at the last few games?”

“It’s all God. Jesus Christ” He replied.

Baffled, the reporter asked again, “So you had nothing to do with it?”

Durant replied, “No, it’s all Him”

I think very few people truly understood how a powerful a statement he was saying. It was prophetic as to how we need to be as Christians (even if he probably didn’t mean it that way). Jesus did it all. We have nothing to do with it. All we have to is to believe it

I would be lying if I said that this is not actual work. It is not just going to happen automatically. You must actively de-program your thinking against what the world says. You must give it all to God, and truly believe every word He says to be true. You must believe that God is good, that He loves you unconditionally. And while you are renewing your mind to believe in Him, the enemy’s job is to constantly place things in your direction to get you not to believe. The doctor’s report, the nightly news, the financial advisor…anything

Hebrews 4:11 says that we must labor to enter into His rest. Our labor is to do everything in our power to believe; then we can enter His rest.

What does this “work” look like? You might have to unplug the TV. You might have to disassociate with certain people. You might have to resist what your 5 senses are telling you. You might have to confess a scripture 50 times out loud until you can believe it. Scream it if you have to. The goal is to get it in your heart where it literally becomes you. Once your heart and your mind line up, you will be a powerful force for the kingdom of God. This type of believing always leads to a corresponding action. Then prayer, fasting, and giving flow out of a place of already believing. Not working to get God to do something. He already did something–He sent His Son.

This is why very few people live like Jesus lived. This is why the ladies behind me in the church service I went to last night, lived the way they lived; and were subject to the conditions of the world. Because they failed to “work” so that they might believe

Focus all of your work, all of your energy, all of your time, into believing. Believing that Jesus accomplished what He set out to do!

5 Responses to “Do I Have to “Work” in Order to Believe?”

  1. This word is “Wow”. I do not do Resolutions and all that stuff. But one of two Words God told me this New Year… Is Simply to “Believe”. I’ve been reading and listening to Gospel songs on Faith and Believing and audio messages on Faith, Understanding my Bible more. This is “Wow”. God Bless you Bless you more abundany brother for this word.

  2. Thank You Man of God, I love your teaching, and learning to apply this information in my life!!!

  3. Sonia Isaac-Iwuoha Says:

    Woaw!!! What revelation.thank you sir.God bless and increase you ministry.

  4. Charm Richards Says:

    All things are possible ………Only Believe

  5. Denise Levine Hughes Says:

    I just read your post. It just affirmed something to me. Thank you.
    In the Body of Christ many are taught to work it out until something happens. We are to surrender all enter into his rest. Rely on him for all I am learning to do this. May God continue to bless your ministry.

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