Help!! I Can’t Stop Sinning and I Don’t Feel Holy

Settle it in your mind today that you are holy and pure. Not because of what you have done or not done, but because of what Jesus has done on our behalf. You can live a live free from sin, above the enemy’s grasp. Whether it is addiction, sexual sin, stealing things, or gossiping, you can be free. In fact you have already been made free, and are holy in the eyes of God.

“But Pastor Troy, you don’t know what I have just done! No I don’t feel holy!”

In the Old Testament, no sin was allowed anywhere near the Ark of the Covenant, and any uncleanliness, or anything unsanctified was not allowed by the priests to even come close to it. This is the work that Jesus has done with the New Covenant believer. He has sanctified and washed you clean, gave you a new heart, and removed sin away from you.

“What do you mean He removed sin from me? I’m constantly breaking God’s laws??”

If you are saved today, then the Spirit of God is in you. There is no way His Spirit could reside there if you were unclean. You are free from sin, your heart doesn’t want to sin, your mind just doesn’t know it yet. (Which is why we need our minds renewed). Stop trying to follow a bunch of laws and rules and let the Spirit guide you in love.

God knew you could not keep the law, even though the children of Israel were confident they could. He knew you could not keep it because your heart was all messed up because of sin and the fall of man (before Jesus). So God basically gave you a new heart, His heart, and placed it inside of you. And with His heart, it automatically has the law built in, so that you will not willfully sin against Him. This new heart is filled with love, the radical, pure love of God, that was built to love Him and love others seamlessly. That is what is does naturally.

In Exodus, Moses did something that was very prophetic that relates to New Covenant believers like you and me. In Exodus 32, Moses came down from Mt. Sinai with the two tablets containing the law. All the people said “We can do this, no problem!” A short time later they were partying and making a golden calf and calling that idol the Lord that delivered them from Egypt. What happened here? They assumed that they could do the law in their own power and in their own strength. And of course they failed. They human heart cannot do it. Jeremiah 17:9 says the human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. So if they could do the law on their own, then why do they even need a savior? Why even send Jesus? That’s just it, without the law, they would not know how wicket they truly were.

So you are probably familiar with that part, but you might not be familiar with the prophetic part that relates to New Covenant believers. When Moses comes down from Mt. Sinai the 2nd time, with 2 new tablets (after he smashed the first set in anger) he does not display the tablets, but places them inside the Ark of the Covenant, the holy vessel that carried the tangible presence of God. The Ark of the Covenant represents the New Covenant believer, and inside the most holy part is where the tablets were placed. It is a symbol of the believer’s heart.

David said it best, “I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you” Psalm 119:11

The prophet Ezekiel also prophesied about the day when man would be given a new heart: “A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh” (Ezekiel 36:26)

So it is time that we raise up and allow our minds to line up with what the Word of God says, and not tradition. Let’s recap what Jesus did for us:

1. He took away the sins of the world (at the cross). Or else the Spirit of God could not reside in you. John 1:29

2. He gave you a brand new heart, His heart

3. He gave you a new spirit, His precious Holy Spirit


“Ok Pastor Troy, that was all nice and great, but how do I stop sinning and start living the way God intended me to live??”


5 Steps to Start Living Righteously

1. Stop praying traditional religious prayers that negate what Jesus has already done for us. For example, stop begging God to forgive you for your sins. This was done at Calvary. Simply thank Him with all your heart for forgiving you. Regardless to how you feel, KNOW that you have been forgiven, and thank him for it. Another traditional prayer that I often hear Christians is “create in me a pure heart O God, and renew a right spirit within me!” This is from David in Psalm 51:10, before Jesus came. Since Jesus came, he created a pure heart within you, and gave you His Spirit. It is impossible to walk out living righteously and holy if you are not sure that Jesus has already given you the ability to do so.

2. Realize that Jesus is not the one condemning you. The oldest trick of the devil is to try and impersonate the voice of God. Jesus is the one cheering you on, telling you to get back up, encouraging you that you can do it. The devil is the one saying, ‘look at what you just did!’ ‘how could you do that’ ‘its over for you now’. That voice in NOT coming from God. Romans 8:1 says there is therefore NO condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus

3. Don’t be moved by how you feel! Feelings and emotions are a direct result of a way of thinking. Your thinking can be changed, and you are not the sum total of your feelings. Over time, your desires and feelings will change as your thinking begins to change to line up with the Word of God

4. Renew Your Mind. Your spirit is new, your heart is new, but your mind is not. Your body is not. But the good news is that your mind and body will follow your spirit if you command it to do so. The old man is dead and gone, quit trying to resurrect him. The new man wants to serve God, it wants to love people. Continually feasting on the scriptures, particularly the New Testament writings will allow the New Man to arise, and the old man to stay buried in the ground.

5. Confess the Word of God over your life. Death and life are in the power of the tongue, it is simply the most powerful thing you can do. And the most powerful form of speaking is to speak the Word of God. Declare out of your mouth that you are the righteousness of God! (Romans 3.22) Declare out of your mouth that you are HOLY! (1 Peter 1:16) As you continually do this, your mind and body will line act accordingly.


If you do these 5 things, you will overcome. You will live the live you are destined for, and will not be a slave to sin. Jesus has freed you from everything, including bondage to sin! Be free in Jesus name!

Troy Anthony Smith is a Pastor and author who travels throughout the nations declaring the gospel. Pastor Smith currently resides in Los Angeles,CA, where he can be found at the grocery stores, malls, and street corners, laying hands on the sick, prophesying to the lost, and declaring the good news of the kingdom of God.

Would you like to partner with Pastor Troy and see lives transformed across the globe? For more info on how you can get involved, click here. Each week you will receive an MP3 Audio sermon from our live services in Los Angeles, CA and around the globe.


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