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Faith vs. Belief

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Many people confuse faith with believe. These are two totally separate things. Belief is a state of mind, while faith is an act, based upon that mindset. The reason why most Christians do not see the promises of God (healing, financial prosperity, happy relationships) is because they honestly believe, but they do not apply faith. It is good to believe, and you must believe, but it is faith that activates these blessings and makes them a reality for YOU.
I love illustrations, because it makes them easier for people to understand, so I will paint a picture for you about the difference between belief and faith. A man is walking through the Arabian desert during the heat of the day while it is about 100 degrees. He has not drunk any water, so his body is beginning to dehydrate. A stranger walks by him and gives him a bottle of water. He is thankful for the water, because he is incredibly thirsty and about to pass out. This man believes that if he drinks the water, he will not pass out. He is so happy that someone came and gave him water that he starts rejoicing. He pulls out his cell phone and calls his wife saying, ‘I’m not going to pass out, because a stranger just gave me water.’ Then he calls his mother and is rejoicing saying, ‘I have been saved from my dehydration, I shall not die.’ Then he calls his best friend and says, ‘I am truly favored, a stranger just came up to me and gave me—‘ before he could finish his sentence, he passes out. He never got around to actually drinking the water.
This is a clear representation of the church of 2011. It’s not that people do not believe the promises of God, most genuinely do. They just do the same thing as this guy walking around the desert. A preacher will declare to them God’s promises and all throughout the congregation the people will shout and run up and down the aisles, slap their neighbor and spin around. But what they don’t realize is if they just believe the Word and do not ACT upon it, they will not see any fruit of the Word in their lives. That’s why in most churches across the United States, the majority of the congregation is sick, broke, in debt, divorced, or just miserable. In Hebrews 4:2 it says that the Word preached did not profit the people because they did not mix it with faith. Be a doer of the Word, and not a hearer only, deceiving yourself.
Messages about faith are being preached Sunday after Sunday. But we as Christians are not called to know about faith and teach faith, we are called to DO our faith, and LIVE by our faith. It is almost as if the average Christian Pastor can tell what you what faith is, how to get faith, the benefits of faith, but cannot tell you the last time they used faith. Jesus asks in Luke 18:8, when the Son of Man comes back, will he find faith on the earth? I don’t know if he will, but he certainly will find plenty of books, CDs and conferences about it.
Just go ahead and DRINK the water already.


Faith is the Spiritual Cash

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Faith is one of the most misunderstood words in the English language. Usually when someone says faith, they mean believe. What is your faith? And someone would respond, ‘I’m a Baptist, or I’m Jewish or Catholic. But true Bible faith is actually much deeper than that. Whenever the disciples would ask Jesus how he was able to perform miracles, or why they were not able to, he would always respond by telling them it is because of their faith. (or the lack thereof).
Faith is THE most powerful force in the universe. By faith the world was created, men and woman came back to life, and individuals received divine healing (Hebrews 11). Faith is the system that God uses whenever he wants to do something, so it is very important that we understand it. In fact, in that same chapter in Hebrews it says that it is impossible to please God without faith. In 4 different places in the Bible, it says, ‘the just shall live by faith.’ So how can you live by faith if you don’t know what it is? Lets explore this mighty topic.
Faith is the currency of the universe. That is the best analogy I can use to describe what faith is; it is like spiritual money. Lets dig deeper into this analogy. There is not a whole lot that I can do with 25 one hundred dollar bills. I can use it as a paper weight or a door stop, or even fold them up and make decorations with them, but they are just pieces of paper. However, the power of these pieces of paper come from what they represent and what I can exchange them for. I can exchange them for a car (a cheap one) an LCD TV (an expensive one), or even a new living room set. In fact, if you had enough of these pieces of paper, there is basically nothing that you cannot have. Imagine for one second if you had 10 billion dollars worth of these pieces of paper, how powerful would you be?

Now keeping that illustration in mind, faith is the same concept as money. In Hebrews 11 it is defined as the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. So faith is not ‘hoping’ or ‘wishful thinking’ it is an actual substance, even if it not tangible with your natural eyes. Faith is the vehicle which brings those things which are in the spiritual world, into this natural world. The Bible is full of promises from God, from financial prosperity, to healing, to family restoration. What brings these promises into your life is faith. Without faith, you will not partake in any of these promises, you will just observe them from afar, and then make up some weird doctrine about why you cannot receive from God.
Just like with money, if you have 50 dollars, you cannot realistically expect to purchase a Ferrari, it’s going to take more cash. Well if you have never used faith ever in your life, and you expect to beat a giant like AIDS or a million dollar debt supernaturally cancelled, it’s probably not going to work for you, you need more ‘spiritual cash’. The good news is that Jesus said it doesn’t take much, ‘if you had faith the size of a mustard seed…’ . Begin to build up your faith. Use your faith to overcome a cold, or a headache or to pay a bill, and slowly build up to the ‘big stuff’. The rate you go is entirely up to you. Faith is all about trust in God. It all about relationship. It’s not that you cannot defeat cancer or AIDS as a beginner, it’s just that you have not developed that trust relationship with God yet, so you are not fully convinced it will work for you. After you have seen a headache defeated a few times, you become confident that a headache must be defeated when you command it to.

God never intended us to live ‘normal’ lives. Step out on faith and begin living a supernatural life, living by faith just as Jesus did. Rely on this to provide your healing and your financial independence. You might start slow, but start today… your destiny awaits.