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Would the Real Church Please Stand UP- Part II

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In my last post I talked about the ministry of Jesus and how far the modern day church has fallen from the works of Jesus. As Christians we must demonstrate what we believe and not talk about it. The church must take its rightful place in society, and not be transformed into a social club which meets once a week to be entertained. But lets see what God has to say about this. Is God pleased with the modern day church? A passage in Amos, is prophetic utterance by God, describing his thoughts about the church of 2011:

“I can’t stand your religious meetings. I’m fed up with your conferences and conventions. I want nothing to do with your religion projects, your pretentious slogans and goals. I’m sick of your fund-raising schemes, your public relations and image-making. I’ve had all I can take of your noisy ego-music. When was the last time you sang to me? Do you know what I want? I want justice-oceans of it. I want fairness-rivers of it. That’s what I want. That’s all I want.”

-Amos 5:21-24 (Message Translation)

The church should be the most powerful organization in the history of the planet. If we could come together and agree on the basic principles of what Jesus taught, within a matter of days things would change. Stop looking to the government to fix what God called us to fix.  In John 17, Jesus prayed that the church would be one, just as He and the Father are one. It is now time to fulfill that passage of scripture.

In 2011 the church, has given enough through tithes and offerings to bail out the US government. There is enough healing power in our hands to not need healthcare.  We are the answer to the poor and sick.

Imagine if a wealthy business owner came by your door one day and handed you the cure to AIDS/HIV. In return you agreed to quit your job and move to Africa to distribute this cure. You also agreed to start a new division within the company and hire 10,000 employees to distribute this cure to the ones who needed it the most. Five years go by and the business owner comes back to your door. He finds you sitting on the couch eating pizza with the cure sitting in the refrigerator untouched.  How pleased do you think the business owner would be?

That is exactly how heaven views the church of modern day. We have been given the cure to solve all of the world’s problems, yet we are doing nothing with it. In fact, most of the church is to involved in the world’s system of solving their problems than getting into the Word of God and seeing what God has declared concerning them.

The church is to be a mighty force, backed by the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. Its people cannot fail and its acts shall baffle the world, just as it did in the book of Acts when the Gentiles said,’the people who have turned the world upside down have come here!’ Thats right we have come to your city and your country, so brace yourself. We must make a stand for truth, for righteousness.

I am willing to make a stand, are you with me?

Would The Real Church Please Stand UP?

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In many ways the modern day church is completely backwards.  To fully understand the role of the church, we must fully understand how it was intended to function. But even before you can understand this, you must fully understand and have a clear picture of who Jesus is and what he did during his ministry was on the earth. According to 1 John 3:8, the reason Jesus came to the earth was to destroy the works of the devil. He spent his entire 3  and 1/2 year earthly ministry doing this, destroying the works of the devil:  healing sickness, lack, demonic oppression, and more.  Then He ascended into heaven and left us in charge.  The church is the ‘body’ of Christ, and Jesus is the ‘head’. For any task to be carried out, it must be carried out by the body, not the head.  Jesus and his body (the church) are one, just like you (your head and your body) are one.  Notice in Acts when Paul was persecuting the church, Jesus did not say, ‘Why are you persecuting my church?’, he said, ‘Why are you persecuting ME’.  Historically Jesus was crucified at least 5 years prior to these persecutions. So if Jesus was destroying the works of the devil- healing the sick, delivering the captives, preaching the gospel to the poor, what exactly is it that the church is doing today?


Fast forward 2000 years, from Jesus earthly ministry and the first apostles, to present day. The modern church of today very little resembles Jesus. In most churches, people come together once a week on Sunday to be entertained by  a choir and good motivational message from the public speaker. Majority of the congregation is sick, in debt, depressed, overweight, living in fornication, and homosexual. The church has become a social club, a meeting place in which you never really have to do anything, just come back next Sunday and give your tithes and offerings.

Did Jesus change? Did the mission statement for the ‘body of Christ’ turn into a non-profit organization like the Red Cross or United Way?  Did not Jesus say, ‘he that believes in Me the works that I do, shall he do also, and greater works shall he do, because I go to be with the Father’?


The church (the local church) should actually be more of a training center. Believers should come together to hear and be taught the Word of God, and then go out into the streets to affect society. Most of the country now is upset about the direction our nation is heading. Healthcare costs are too high, the debt crisis is spiraling out of control, education system is crumbling, etc.  All this is happening because the church has refused to take its rightful place in society.  The church literally means in the Greek, ‘ekklasia’ which comes from two words “ek”- out of, and “kaleo”- shall be called. In the original context in Hellenistic culture it refers to a certain set of people within the Greek city states, who were called out from the general population for the purpose of leading or to take care of special circumstances.

In that same vein, when you received Jesus as Lord and Savior, you were called out from among the general population in whatever country you were from, for the sole purpose of ruling and reigning with Christ to destroy the works of the devil. Once you received Christ you are no longer a Mason, or a Republican, or African American, or Jew, or AKA, your allegiance first and foremost should be to Jesus as the Body of Christ.  So now that Jesus is your head, your official political policy should be to line up with the Word of God. Healthcare? Go lay hands on the sick. Programs for the poor? Teach them God’s system of wealth. Debt crises? Owe no man nothing but to love him. Because there is no recession or depression in heaven, we as ambassadors should not stand for it here on earth. Until we as the body of Christ make a stand, things are going to just get worse and worse. God has anointed us to fix all these problems. According to Romans 8:19, in fact all of creation is waiting on the Sons of God to be made manifest in the Earth, to become known. Would the real church please stop hiding and reveal yourself?

Demonstrate It!

Troy Anthony Smith is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Demonstrate It, an organization that believes in healings, signs, and wonders. Mr. Smith currently resides in Hollywood,CA, where he can be found at the grocery stores, malls, and street corners, laying hands on the sick, casting out demons, and declaring the good news of the kingdom of God.